Reflecting & Projecting

Well, friends, it’s been a year that we won’t soon be forgetting. Leave it to Texas to be leading the charge on an interstate electoral lawsuit, our state really is the ‘Alamo of America’, a phrase that has ruffled some feathers in the past, but one that we feel aptly describes the current situation quite …

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Confidence Breeds Movement

 “I grew up ‘Huckleberry Finn’, I was always outdoors-oriented with my family. That’s never left me.” -Warren Bluntzer There is this fascinating thing that occurs in life, where you suddenly wake up and realize you are learning something very new to you, or seeing something familiar to you that has been cast in a whole …

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The “Price” Dilemma

We just got forced to do something uncomfortable, and it’s started an incredible conversation. The Harman Ranches “way” is all about connecting high-character people with high-character land. That means unique folks and unique situations on unique properties. Most recently, this manifested as a long-time friend and client wanted Harman Ranches to list his place, off …

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More home than house

More home than house. In our culture, we’ve gotten awfully distracted by the word “house” and the real estate business has turned something pretty personal into something much more transactional and commoditized.